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About Us

Dedication. Innovation. Team Work. Cutting Edge. Passion.Creative

New Technology

We ensure our packaging is fit for purpose and as a responsible producer we are actively involved in the full life-cycle of plastic. We encourage everyone to play their part in reducing plastic packaging waste and litter to protect our environment.

High Grade Tools

We are committed to helping people understand the facts about polythene as part of its full life cycle not just its end of life disposal

Green Energy

Our products are available with recycled content. All our polythene bags are fully recyclable and can be produced in several material options.

Pollution Free

Making decisions about what packaging is best for the environment involves considering factors such as its weight, bulk, water and energy use, emissions, resource efficiency, and recyclability of the packaging.

Our Approach

Our responsible packaging solutions are designed to be part of the environmental solution offering maximum protection with minimum material and all the polythene products we supply are and have always been 100% recyclable.
By producing our polythene products from durable lightweight protective material, we are helping to protect the environment from the use of heavier and more rigid materials that use more energy to produce, transport, and store.

By working in partnership with our customers to fully understand the product’s use, we can suggest improvements such as options to make the bag a multi-trip item.
We offer construction and format solutions to reduce the size and micron of packaging using the latest innovations in bag making and resins to maintain strength.


As a rubber company, we are focused on developing a strong brand in our homeland Ghana and Africa with the ultimate goal of helping our clients. Through our strategic planning processes, we intend to deliver focused, consistent, and dynamic rubber products that in the final analysis, will keep our clients ahead of their competitors as we maintain in good order, protecting the environment and natural resources.


Our mission as a rubber industry is to experience the thrill of adding value to life and business by providing quality and superior services to our clients by our expertise with the ultimate capabilities that enable them to offer world-class rubber solutions to provide creative, effective, and most cost-efficient integrated rubber solutions to all our clients’ marketing challenges


Dedication. Innovation. Team Work. Cutting Edge. Passion.Creative

Why Choose Us

A bespoke service is offered across the range of polythene products, including a print design service on polythene bags, polythene sheeting, or tubing. We can produce polythene in a wide range of colors, opaque, or tint. Bags, sheets, or pallet covers can be produced on a roll, on a core, or loose in a box depending on your or your customer’s needs.

Specializing in small to medium run quantities we work closely with our customers to ensure every product is tailor-made to individual needs. Polythene bags and sheeting offer so many advantages for so many different kinds of wrapping, packaging, and waste handling requirements.

We Won Many Industry Awards & Got Many Certificates

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